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Oracle ADF.. HUH???

After 1 week of tinkering with Oracle ADF, there are somethings which I do not understand..

  1. Why upon creating a Fushion Web Application (ADF), 2 projects are created - a Model project, and another ViewController project?
  2. Why do I still need to write POJO code to persist data when I already have my Entity Objects (EO) defined in the Model project? Can’t that the code be automatically generated based on the defined EOs?
    Something I missed in the tutorial. It’s not actually to persist data. It’s to bind the data from the WEB FORM!
    BUT.. How to bind then when I have already bind the <af:selectOnceChoice /> component to populate the data???
  3. And, to persist data, why is the Java class in the ViewController project instead of the Model project?

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